Saturday, December 27, 2008

Roger Sanchez

Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Email from Danny Tenaglia

This is for Robin1 in regards to the Michael Jackson - Thriller remix by Danny Tenaglia:

Thanks Fred,

I'm very late with e-mail's these days as I am in Ibiza, but you caught me ;)

Thriller ... How sad my mix was never released, huh? :( Imagine remixing
one of the most famous songs in the history of sales, a legend, MTV, awards
of all sorts and just as I am done, they scrap the remix project because of this
dumb bastards foolish behavior spending way too much time with minors.
I don't want to pass judgement on him, but after the second major incident I
truly felt super sorry for MJ and his incredible existence. Life is strange ....
Anyhow, in 1994 I signed a contract. Naturally, Epic/Sony was no joke about
people having the masters to MJ music and since my remix was not going to
be released, they double made sure that I would not give them away to anyone
until they contacted me again, and they never did. Naturally, I had to respect this.
I strongly believe in Karma. I do not take or give away what does not belong to me.
I had many opportunities to get Major Attention by leaking this out, and even stuff
I'd done for Prince/Mavis Staples that was rejected and a few others, but I always
respected the situation, and looking back now, well, look at me now :)

I hope you can respect and appre ciate that I simply do not have the authority to
give this to anyone. Francois K. once asked me for it. Imagine me having to say NO
to FK? LOL He understood 100%. He's been in this situation. we all have.
FTR: I do believe Frankie Knuckles remix was released? I know he did Rock with you.
Before the project was stopped several came out like MAW, Roger S. and a few others.
It was so long ago. Maybe you can tell me?

Keep me updated and God bless you and yours,
danny tenaglia :)

What House Music means to me....

This is a snippet from a BBC documentary called Pump Up The Volume. Listen to Armand Van Helden how he got into House Music and what his final words are in this snippet. I totally relate to what he's saying, he hit the nail right on the head.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Armand Van Helden

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Janet Jackson - You Want This (1994)

+ Remixed by E-Smoove

Rodeo Jones - Get Wise (1991)

+ Remixed by Steve"Silk"Hurley & E-Smoove

Monie Love - Born 2 B.R.E.E.D. (1993)

+ Remixed by Steve"Silk"Hurley

Was (Not Was) Featuring Kim Bassinger & Ozzy Osbourne - Shake Your Head (1992)

+ Remixed by Steve"Silk"Hurley

Aurra - A Little Love (1992)

+ Remixed by Steve"Silk"Hurley
(Taken from the Salsoul Remixed CD "Synergy")

Debbie Gibson - We Could Be Together (1989)

+ Remixed by Steve"Silk"Hurley

Keith Nunnally - Seasons Of Love (1991)

+ Remixed by Steve"Silk"Hurley & Maurice Joshua

The Party - Free (1992)

+ Remixed by Steve"Silk"Hurley, E-Smoove & Maurice Joshua